Booking CVP - Session Tips

Bring as much clothes are you can fit in your car. Yes, everything. Options are good, and we will help coordinate the best choices for your skin color, eye color, background and mood/feel of your portrait session.
Wrinkles, be sure all your clothes are brought on hangers and wrinkle-free. Wrinkled clothing does not photograph well.
"You" - Don't bring clothes that aren't you, if you are a jeans kind of girl, don't bring only dresses, bring clothes that best show your personality and style. You'll love your photographs for it!
Bring accessories - Hats, jewelry, scarves sweaters, etc.
Sports/Hobbies - If you play sports, have hobbies, etc. be sure and bring something that shows that, regarless of what sport/hobby it might be, we can create something awesome with it.
BONUS TIP: Borrow your favorite outfit of your friends' too!
Unusual accessories, got a friend with an awesome motorcycle or car you want to have portraits taken with, no problem! Let us know, maybe it's an airplane? Boat? Cool old barn on the neighbor's yard. Sometimes these things make the best portraits, be sure and mention to us your ideas, and we will discuss.
Guys & Girls both, avoid a fresh haircut, color or style, allow yourelf a week to get used to your new stlye before your portrait session.
Guys - we know you hate having your photo taken, and we promise to not make your senior portraits dorky. You'll be cool and love your photos.
Girls - Makeup for photography, is generally a little heavier than normal, be sure and use a little more powder than normal, so we can make sure to not have shiny skin. Eyeliner and lip gloss can really help give that extra pop. Bring your makeup with you for touch ups if necessary
Wind - In Nevada, wind is inevitable, please be sure to bring a brush and hair spray, to help minimize the fly-aways for outdoor portraits!
MISTAKE: Hiring a "natual light only" photographer. Lighting is everything for a portrait, and a nice camera doesnt cut it. Perfect light has to be found, or created, a skilled photographer should create the style of portraits that are appropriate for the location/mood/attire, etc. regardless if it's natural light or modified light. If you just wanted natural light only, you could get that with your iPhone. We create dramatic, powerful portraits that are lifelong memories, and it;s not the equipment that does it.
Obviously, bring your Mom or Dad with you to your senior session, we always require a parent/guardian present. And please, try to avoid an "audience" - Bringing your whole family results in many distractions from your session! They'll get some awesome images from your session to see afterwards.

Questions? Contact Bill